This is an Investment in Cows for a given tenure, usually (eight months). Cowfunding by Selema Farms gives opportunities to discerning investors looking to invest in Livestock Farming for a select period of time.

A Tenure is a time it takes after funds have been raised for the Cows to be procured at a certain size, fattened and sold either as actual livestock to other processors OR Abbattiors OR it is processed and sold to our customers. Investors are paid back their investment and profit in eight months.

  • Click CowFunding by Selema Farms website to begin
  • Select the number of Livestock unit(s) and proceed to make payment
  • Please fill in all accurate contact details (email address & phone number), you will be sent regular feedback of all farm activities and updates.

This begins at N50,000 per unit/cow.

The minimum investment is N50,000, the number of units you choose to purchase is unlimited. Meaning, there’s no cap on how many cows you can invest in.

At the beginning of each tenure, you get to sponsor a number of units for a stipulated duration. At the end of said tenure, your capital and interest will be paid into your account! It is that simple.

All CowFunding by Selema Farms investments are insured by Leadway, so in any happenstance, your investment is secured.

Investment tenure ends at 8 months

We currently have a thriving relationship with Abbattiors in the South Western part of the country. We also have a number of retail partners with stores across the country.

You can have a bank transfer made directly into the Selema Farms bank account OR simply make payments through Paystack on the payment page.

Iwo Town, Osun State, Nigeria

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